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To survive in a competitive business for years, is certainly not something that is easy. We have developed several competitive advantages which are the key to success in our business journey. This competitive advantage can also be a reason for customers to choose us. Following are our competitive advantages
About Tina - Teknologi Nusantara

Commitment to Quality

Each Product that we offer has been accepted globally and tested for its reliability to be solution for you

Commitment to Safety

HR is our asset, so maintaining that assets is our concern ro create a safe work environtment

Commitment to Protection

Identify all possible threats. With experience and knowledge, we use technology to minimize the threats.

After Sales Services

Developing long-term cooperation is our responsibility. With a good after-sales service we hope that no customer will ever be disappointed.

Our Services

We strive for new and creative ways to make impactful investments that will build more inclusive economies. We help by investing financial and human capital into companies, initiatives.

Visitor Management System

TINA has also developed an integrated visitor management system...

Artificial Intelligence

Many solutions have been developed by TINA in terms...

Surveillance Systems

We at TINA realize that surveillance is important not...

Bio Metrics

Currently biometric technology is developing quite rapidly and is...

Command Center

We have built many command centers for the government...

What We Have

Our Products

  1. Cameras
  2. Time Attendance
  3. Entrance Control
  4. Access Control
  5. Security Inspection
  6. Digital Signage

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16 May 2020

ONVIF Suspends Dahua and Hikvision

Hikvision and Dahua Technology has been “suspended,” and effectively expelled, from ONVIF. Hikvision and Dahua Technology...