Artificial Intelligence

Many solutions have been developed by TINA in terms of retail, education, urban cities, transportation, hotels and apartments, government, airports, ports, power plants, etc. These solutions were developed by involving a lot of artificial intelligence in them such as traffic control, face recognition, people counting, heat maps, and many others


Bio Metrics

Currently biometric technology is developing quite rapidly and is widely implemented in security systems including fingerprints, fingervein, palms, and face recognations.    TINA has used a lot of biometrics in her security system design. they are proven to be reliable with very small error margins that support the reliability of the security system itself





Surveillance Systems

We at TINA realize that surveillance is important not only in terms of asset protection but also in operational activities even to support work safety. Support this we have collaborated with several leading brands whose quality has been tested for years. we are also supported by trained and trained technical personnel to design and install a surveillance system. We hope to provide a reliable surveillance system solution for your needs



Command Center

We have built many command centers for the government and private sector for various needs. TINA can help you build a futuristic, comfortable, and functional command center room. We serve the construction of center rooms ranging from design, interior, audio visual, hardware and software


Visitor Management System

TINA has also developed an integrated visitor management system and has been used in many companies. With this visitor management system you can easily manage access rights from employees, vendors, and guests to track where they are moving in your facility. This visitor management system is very helpful to support work safety 

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