In 2008 a CCTV device shop was established named "CCTV SURABAYA" in Tunjungan Electronic Center (TEC) Surabaya. At first this shop only served sales, but over time "CCTV SURABAYA" also served the design and implementation of the system professionally.

With the growing level of work faced and also the widening of the CCTV market, in 2011 CV Teknologi Nusantara was established. This turned out to have a large positive impact on business development. By having good company legality, consumers also feel more secure and encourage us to be more professional in performance and service.Recognizing the fact that our customers' needs do not stop at CCTV, we strive to develop our services not only as security in the field of surveillance, but also as an integrated security system. So in 2019 PT. Inti Teknologi Nusantara which is committed to providing comprehensive services includes Surveillance and Security System Providers.

With good cooperation with leading brands in the field of security systems such as Samsung, Panasonic, and Bosch, we provide excellent service guarantees to all our customers. However, superior product quality is not enough to guarantee customer satisfaction, therefore we continue to learn and develop ourselves so that our quality is also supported by skilled personnel and the latest technology.